Slot Overview: Hypernova 10,000 Ways

When it comes to expanding its Hypernova series of slots, Australian company ReelPlay once again heads to the stars, this time with a different ways version. After the unconventional sequel, Radial Reels, Hypernova 10K Ways completes the trilogy. Hypernova 10K Ways, in an odd turn of events, streamlines the series by lowering the amount of victory conditions and overall chances. The 10000 Ways version is nearly identical to the Megaways edition, but with some key differences that detract from the overall experience.

There has been no change to the scenery, which continues to include a 6-reel main grid and a 4-cell top reel set against a backdrop of hazy, multicolored nebulae. It’s a pleasant vista, but by now, after three previous uses, the freshness has worn off. The game play is quite similar to before, with the four jackpots remaining visible on the left side of the screen. The similarities to the Megaways version are striking; it may take a few spins to persuade yourself that you haven’t loaded the wrong slot. The fact that the reel symbols have not changed in the 10,000 ways version is a giveaway. Otherwise, it appears like things are the same.

Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the figures aren’t identical. The frequency of winning combinations is around one in four (25.71%), while the RTP for a single bet has grown to 96.16%. On the less exciting side, potential has been reduced, but volatility is still rather strong. Hypernova 10K Ways is mobile-friendly and offers betting options from 20 pence to 40 pounds every spin.

When identical symbols appear on neighboring reels starting from the left, a win is triggered. Except for the highest paying symbol, which just requires two or more of them, all others require at least three to make a winning line. Here we see a diamond, followed by two more brilliant stones and the suits from A through 9. Six premium combo values range from 2x to 100x the wager. In addition, a wild shown as an atom appears exclusively on the first reel and may be used in place of any other pay symbol to form winning combinations.

Slot Functions: Hypernova 10,000 Ways

Hypernova 10K Ways, like its big brother Megaways, focuses on its Bonus Respins feature, where players may win instant cash rewards and up to four progressive jackpots. The goal of the game is to achieve a base game score of 6 or more scatter symbols. When this happens, the scatters that caused the effect remain frozen in place while the rest of the symbols disappear.

Now, you’ll get three free spins, and any additional scatter symbols that come will be held, too, and the number of spins will reset to three. There will be no further respins, and the round will terminate once all available slots are taken. The sum of all visible values is determined and shown. Scatters can reveal any of the four progressive jackpots, in addition to the standard cash rewards they carry. There are four progressive jackpots: bronze (worth 10 times the wager), silver (50 times), gold (250 times), and platinum (2,000 times). It’s also conceivable for multiple occurrences of the same jackpot to hit simultaneously while in the bonus round.

Slot Judgment in a Hypernova, 10,000 Ways

It’s not really clear what the designers were going for here, given that it’s effectively simply Hypernova Megaways but with 10,000 ways to win instead. There isn’t enough of a change to make you reevaluate your opinion on the original game. Players who like cruising supernovas with their sights set on the respin feature will be pleased to know that they have been granted yet another opportunity to explore the universe. In all other respects, the 10K version is functionally identical to the Megaways one, and should not be expected to spark any further controversy.

Let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the Hypernova series for people who are unfamiliar with it. The great thing is the cosmic vistas, however they aren’t as impressive as they were in the previous one two years ago. The music is a relaxing ambient piece that sounds familiar but is actually quite different. Then, your senses will be taken on a relaxing tour of the cosmos, just unlike when Neil deGrasse Tyson pilots his CGI spaceship through the Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey while explaining the workings of the universe. Science may explain the mechanics of existence, but it has yet to provide a satisfactory explanation for why anything exists at all.

Let’s get back to the game, and despite having 10,000 of them, Hypernova 10K Ways’ biggest victory pales in comparison. The payout of 5,662x the wager isn’t bad, but it’s less than Hypernova Megaways and only around a fourth of the payout in the Radial Ways slot, which is rare for a follow-up machine. The two games have the same jackpots and extra features, which is an interesting parallel.

Overall, we weren’t major fans of Hypernova Megaways, and the 10K version doesn’t do much to change that. The fact that Hypernova 10K Ways adds nothing to the experience that the other doesn’t makes it hard to justify a second trip.

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