Young Punk Purposely Steals Parking Spot From Grandma, Now Watch How She Gets Revenge

When punks and wannabe criminals choose their victims, they like to target people who they think will be easy prey. This means they are cowardly and want an assignment easy-enough like taking candy from a baby.


Elderly people often become these cowards’ victims because they suspect they will be trusting and won’t have the willpower to fight back.

But when a punk cut off a grandma for a parking spot, she got the best revenge on him. Instant Karma is sweet. This video will bring a smile to your face.

Check out the CCTV footage below – this is why you don’t steal a parking spot from grandma…

When the clip starts, you’ll see a Jeep backing out of a parking spot. There is a black Toyota Prius patiently waiting to take the empty spot in the lot. As the Prius turns into the spot, a Honda zooms through the parking lot and sweeps in, stealing the parking spot.

He pulls in and then quickly leaves the vehicle. The punk is wearing a baseball cap and talking on his cellphone. He clearly doesn’t care about elderly people and just wants to take what is rightfully theirs.

Because Grandma is pissed that he took her spot, she gets out of her car and opens the back door.

The hunched-over lady withdraws a wooden baseball bat and then shuffles over to the Honda. She takes a stance and then winds up the bat. She brings it down into the windshield of the boxy car and starts shattering the glass.

Then she escapes back to her Prius before the punk gets to see how Instant Karma got the better of him. The clip was filmed in April 2015 and is as relevant as ever.

More than 350,000 people have watched it and dozens have commented. Here are fans’ favorite responses:

“It is a pity that they didn’t show the guy’s reaction when he returned and saw his windscreen.”

  • “a parking spot for the price of an insurance deductible”
  • “Man, Grandma is a thug!”
  • “Thug wannabe got owned.”
Road rage is a real problem in America. Here are some surfire signs of road rage you can watch out for so you don’t become the victim of a windshield smashing:

Speeding and tailgating are signs that the drivers around you are impatient and angry. Both behaviors are incredibly dangerous.

62 percent of people say that someone has tailed them excessively closely, while only 6 percent ever admit to tailgating a slower driver.

Using obscene gestures is risking. The person could be armed with a firearm or a baseball bat. Obscene gestures have gotten one person stabbed, shot, or beaten in every state, AAA reports.

Even if you just leer and stare at other drivers, you’re participating in road rage – and the conflict could escalate quickly.

If you feel threatened, drive to a nearby police station instead of returning the act.

Road rage incidents involving guns, knives, and other weapons are common in America. Watch out for your safety and don’t get involved with angry drivers.

Watch Video Below:

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