Woman Has Fingers For Toes..Literally..And The Reason Why Is Going To Blow Your Mind. Weird!

Some people really can’t stand feet. Pun intended. Some people  LOVE feet. So much so that there’s a name for it – foot fetishes.

Personally, I can give or take feet. No strong feelings either way.

This Taiwanese student has royally confused the internet with her feet. Some people are creeped out, some people are intrigued and (I assume) some people are absolutely loving it.

Check out these bad boys…

I don’t even know how long the average toe is but hot dawg. That’s a big set of toes.

Look at this, they are like fingers.

Which one of these are the fingers and which are the toes?!

Yeah, I’m being dramatic for effect but still.

Jazz hands! No wait.

Anyway, according to the Daily Mail her weird feet first appeared on Chinese-language blog site – Dcard.

The site is an online communication tool for university students. She posted the pictures of May 26 captioning it: “The long toes nobody can match.”

She added: “Since my childhood, I have always drawn attention whenever I wear flip-flops.

“[People] would surround me and discuss about me as if I were an animal.

“[I] have even been told that I hadn’t evolved properly.

“Some people would ask me to use my “four hands” to climb a tree.”

According to the post, she’s only 4ft 11. This makes the fact her toes are so long even weirder. I assumed she was about six foot tall.

Credit: CEN

Have you got longer toes? Let us know.

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