The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At What She Was Caught Stuffing Into Her Pants To Steal


When someone sets their mind on shoplifting an item, apparently there is nothing that can be done to sway their mission. Even if they are wearing skin tight Nike athletic pants.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sierra Coleman had the odds against her when she tried stealing a frying pan from a Saint Louis Ikea store.

Maybe she’s not great at being sneaky, or maybe she didn’t have the brightest idea to shove the pot in the back of her workout pants, with the pot’s handle sticking out in plain view.

And while Coleman was obviously in the wrong, that didn’t stop her from putting up a fight. When two Ikea security specialists attempted to restrain her, she flailed, yelled and even scratched and bit the employees.

“You don’t want to make it worse … especially, you know, you got these people’s stuff in your pants,” said the woman who captured the moment on film.

Evidently, the woman filming is a friend of Coleman’s as she appears to be capturing the moment for Coleman to use for her side of the case.

Coleman goes on to say that they way they are restraining her is illegal because she is pregnant. Interesting how she is bringing up any legal issues at all considering she is the one who initially stole the pan, causing the scene.

She also goes on to say that the security man’s badge wasn’t exposed and the theft of the pan is only a misdemeanor. Evidently, she did her homework and maybe even planned for this.

While the drama is unfolding, her friends are gathered around yelling at the security guards and saying that there are children in the car.

Unfortunately, Coleman is not only doing this if front of innocent children but she is also bringing a child into the world. Not the best idea for someone with such rage issues and warped morals.

Eventually Coleman takes the pot out of her pants and drops it on the ground, before going into the store with the two Ikea employees to wait for the police to arrive.

After the lengthy battle, Coleman faces two misdemeanors…one for assault and one for theft, according to the Circuit Attorney of the City of St. Louis.

Allegedly, Coleman had also been caught trying to steal sheets. An employee saw her put the bed sheets in a bag before walking out of the store without paying.

To make matters worse, she bit the arm of the security officer who tried to stop her. It is still unclear why she placed the sheets in a bag, but decided to put the pan in her pants.

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral and soon Sierra Coleman became quite a celeb in the world of criminals.

Let’s just hope that future criminals don’t try to use their stretch pants as a method for stealing large items.

Not the smartest move, but in some sense it looks as if she was on a mission to get caught. Maybe hoping to charge Ikea with assault?

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