He Brings An Elderly Woman’s Mail To Her Door, But When He Hears THIS Inside, He Calls 911

As our parents and grandparents get older, it’s hard to forget that any little accident can be fatal for them.


Luckily, they have people looking out for them — and sometimes it’s the people you least expect!

Postman Corey Shaw doesn’t want to admit that what he was able to do for a 90-year-old woman was heroic, but if it weren’t for his kindness and compassion, she would not be alive.

For the past 12 years, Corey has been delivering mail, usually to community postal boxes. But he hand-delivers the mail to at least two elderly individuals.

When he walked up to the 90-year-old woman’s door and rang the bell, she didn’t answer. That’s when Corey realized that something was wrong.

But inside, he heard a soft voice that said, “Help. I’ve fallen.”

He immediately called 911 and tried breaking down the door, though he was unsuccessful. His cries for help were heard by a neighbor, who ran to get her father, who happened to be a retired firefighter.

Together with the paramedics, they were able to get inside the home, and the elderly woman was taken away.

Though she was on the ground for a total of two days, her saviors say that she was found with a smile on her face!

Thankfully now, she is recovering from her injury. If it weren’t for Corey’s kindness, paramedics said that she would not have survived the fall.

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