This Is Why You Should Always Wash Your Hair

#1 Some people are not allergic to lice, so they might not detect the presence of the vermin until they’ve multiplied . . .

Could that be the reason why this man has so many lice crawling on his head? Did he simply not feel the itch?


#2 The man allowed a video to be taken of his extreme head lice infestation.

We’ve never seen a case of lice this bad before. This might turn your stomach.


#3 Dee Wright, founder of a salon called The Hairforce Lice Assassins commented on his extreme case:

“. . . That person’s scalp will be raw in places and infected. That will be running his system down like crazy. It’s a major job to get that out. It’s enough to make anyone feel itchy all over.”


#4 This man has thousands of lice crawling through his hair and facial hair, and it couldn’t be worse — or could it?

Wright claims that she has actually seen even worse infestations in the past!

These nasty critters are the reason you should always wash your hair:



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