They Just Found A UFO The Size Of A City At The Bottom Of The Pacific Ocean, You Need To See It

#1 Massive Vessel Discovered

A massive spaceship, estimated to be miles long, ws discovered at the bottom of the Pacific by Google Maps.


#2 Discovered In June

An Arentinian researcher, Marcelo Igazust, discovered it when he saw a light shining from deep below the ocean.


#3 11 Miles Across

Renowned alien hunter, Scott C. Waring estimates the size of the ship to be 11 miles across, saying “Only aliens could accomplish makings such a massive structure. Even if this is not a UFO that landed in the ocean that was being used as an alien base, it is still a monumental discovery.”


#4 Brought To Life

Artist Sandor Vamos gives us a peak into what we might be seeing with his amazing 3-D art.


#5 Drawing

First he draws the alien using pencil and then marker.


#6 Cut Out

Then he cuts the alien out of the paper.


#7 Perspective

Adding a shadow to a piece of paper, he stands the cutout in such a way, that when you rotate the paper, he comes to life.



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