She Never Knew What Boyfriend Was Capable Of Until Cop Pulls Them Over, Tells Him To Get On Knees.

#1 Speeding Violation

Samantha Watson and her boyfriend Austin Urhahn were driving in his black corvette, when they were suddenly pulled over by highway patrol. Her heart immediately sank…


#2 Under Arrest

Thinking of his tickets, “I’ve tried to get most of them mended, but I’ve probably received over 20,” Austin said. “I try not to break the speed limit, but it happens.” The officer commanded Austin to get on his knees and put his hands behind his head…“You’re gonna do life for this” he said.


#3 The Sentence

As she panicked thinking about what life-sentencing crime he committed, she was completely surprised. “I look down and Austin is still in the “presumed arrested” position, on his knee, asking me to marry him!” an overjoyed Watson shared.


#4 Marry Me!

“I was very impressed with him that he went through all this. It’s something I can’t describe. It’s so many emotions in one.” The Scott County Sheriff Department agreed to help Austin propose!


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