Worst Dad Text Fails Ever

#1 Dad’s Dirty Daughter Did it Again

Ashley has been a bit rambunctious lately, and nothing crushes the teen spirit like a bit of text innuendo. Dad wasn’t born yesterday kid, and he has mastered the art of text humor, bad news for you.


#2 That’s Just Wrong

This is about as vulgar as autocorrect manages to get, and he can be one dirty bastard when he puts his mind to it. Who would’ve thought the little elf that lives inside our iPhone could have such a filthy mind?


#3 He Wil Be Picking Her Up*

Dad doesn’t get too detailed when he wants to send an erotic love note to his wifey, and his son should be thanking his stars. But since you mentioned it, yes a sex swing will be involved just like every other anniversary.


#4 Maybe I Will Be a Lesbo

This girl was pretty damn sure she was into dudes, and then Dad reminded her of one of life’s undeniable truths: men are dicks.


#5 This is No Time For Jokes

Moths are scary to kids, especially little girls. Dads are not scared of moths. To Dad people freaking out about a harmless winged insect is nothing but an opportunity for some giggling.


#6 I Knew I Forgot Something

Most people are so paranoid about the contents of their phone-aka their life- being seen by others that they triple password lock it in addition to retina and fingerprint scanning. Dads tend to be a bit less careful.


#7 Is that an Attempt at Humor?

Sometimes the generation gap leaves kids and adults struggling to find a common ground when it comes to joking and banter. Too often Dad’s jokes leave us with only one word on the tongue: Huh?


Source: pic.epicfail.com

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