Unbelievably Painful-Looking Body Piercings

#1 Fore-Real?

These forehead piercings look like they were installed with a nail gun. How do you sleep in those things?


#2 Wolverine

It takes a special someone to conceive of a piercing that’s just as painful for themselves as it must be for their friends.


#3 Touche Internet, Touche

Before seeing this row of painful piercings we didn’t even know that “lime tree trapped in a man’s body” was a thing. And apparently this is the surgery you get for it.


#4 Pedal On

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is a bicycle pierced through that guy’s face. I don’t know whether to start with “how” or “why”.


#5 Don’t Touch Me

Did you know that your fingertips are some of the most sensitive nerve-dense parts of your body?


#6 Be Still

If this person makes one false move everyone watching is going to pass out.


#7 I Can’t Understand You

I didn’t even know you could pierce that. By the way, that little strip of skin is called the frenulum linguae and it’s extra hard to pronounce when you put a metal spike through it.

7Source: zabavax.com

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