This Girl Decided To Track A Girl She Met At A Club. But What Happened Next Is Surprising

#1 This Girl Has A Crazy Story About A Guy She Met At A Club

Meet Pippa McKinney, a girl who loves to go clubbing. One night, she met the man of her dreams!


#2 She Met This Amazing Guy At A Club

A night club might not seem like the ideal place to meet a nice guy, but that’s exactly what happened to Pippa! There was only one problem…


#3 She Wrote His Number Down Wrong…

After an amazing night together, they had to say goodbye. Matt gave her his number, but when Pippa tried to call it, it didn’t work… She asked facebook for help.


#4 Faceboonk Revealed Something Unpleasant…

Well it turned out that facebook could in fact identify this man for her, although things didn’t go exactly as planned. You see, “Matt” already had a girlfriend, and she saw this post by Pippa! Turns out Matt was cheating on his girlfriend!


#5 Pippa Was So Devastated

Pippa was completely devastated. She thought she had found the love of her life, but he was really just a cheating bastard.


#6 The Two Girls Got Together

You might be thinking that Matt’s real girlfriend and Pippa would fight, but the opposite happened. Pippa and his real girlfriend became friends, and matt’s girlfriend dumped him.


#7 After Matt Became Single Again, Pippa Didn’t Try To Take Matt

After Matt became single again, Pippa was classy and still didn’t want him. Who wants to go out with a guy who cheats?


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