People Are Starting A Petition Against “Offensive” Cracker Barrel Name And Logo

With groups all over the nation voicing their displeasure of things deemed to be “offensive” to specific cultures, one clever man named Ryan Koch took to to voice is own concern about a popular American eatery, Cracker Barrel.

Jokingly, Ryan said the name was too offensive to white people and should be changed to “Caucasian Barrel.” Even though it was meant to be satire, his petition gargerned over 16,000 signatures from people all over the world. Some realized that it was all a big hoax, but others wholeheartedly believed that Ryan was serious about the name change!

Ryan explained on the petition site that it was all supposed to be in good fun.

“I started this satirical petition in lieu of constant media reports of various groups and organizations constantly wanting to change things throughout the country because they claim they are offended.

The petition was meant to shed light on how ridiculous all of the political correctness currently going on in the country is, and how we should focus on real issues. [I made this] for satirical and comedic purposes to show how ridiculous political correctness is getting in America.”

The funny man asserts that he doesn’t have a true desire to change Cracker Barrel’s name, nor does he actually take any offense to it – but he does want to use his “fame” to focus American politics on real, substantive issues. 


In Ryan’s eyes, it’s the topic of the conversation, not how we say it, that matters the most to the American people.

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