His Beloved Wife Dies. 2 Years Later, Police Look At Her Wedding Photos And See The UNTHINKABLE

#1 Dave Lacey Is One Happy Man

Dave Lacey is extremely happy today. Why? Because he has just found his long lost camera, something that had huge sentimental value to him because of his wife who passed away just after their marriage.


#2 More Than 300 Pictures Of Him And His Wife Were Recovered

On this camera, Dave Lacey had taken over 300 pictures of his wife, priceless memories of her life. The camera was taken during a burglary.


#3 He Loved His Wife Dearly

He had just barely been married to his wife, Erica, when she passed away from Lymphoma at age 30. Dave remembers his wife as an extremely strong woman.


#4 Among Those Pictures Were Wedding Photos

Among the pictures that were on the stolen camera were wedding photos. Dave was devastated when he lost that camera.


#5 Police Officers To The Rescue

Police actually caught the burglar by tracking a computer that he had stolen. Among the evidence that they found was Dave’s camera. But they had no way of knowing whose camera it was.


#6 The Suspect Was Caught

The person who had stolen the camera was caught and put to justice. But Dave still didn’t have his camera…


#7 Police Tried Something Crazy

When police looked through the camera for clues, they found something. One officer recognized a tree in one photo, so he went to that area. They eventually tracked down Dave Lacey and gave him back his camera!

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