Funny Start of College Semester Memes That Were Too Real

#1 Text Books

Access codes ensure that you don’t go learning things on your own. Like some IDIOT.


#2 Waiting For That Financial Aid

Disbursement dates are a cruel joke. Hey! Here’s a bunch of high interest loans you can use after you’ve been evicted from your apartment. Make sure to pay them back on time if you don’t want to get evicted from your apartment!


#3 You Think THIS Is Possible

That’s a real fancy 1-1.5 month calendar you bought at the bookstore for all of your money. It comes in handy, huh? đŸ™‚ #ItWas4TheStickers


#4 Angry Folders

He’s way ahead of his classmates on this assignment. Good job, bro!


#5 Dumb People Make You Happy

There’s nothing like a dumb tweet to make you feel perfectly capable of handling whatever the fu….is stuff due yet? Are we turning stuff in yet?


#6 Underage Struggles

The beginning of the semester really sucks when you’re under 21.


#7 Clearing Out Your Desktop

This semester’s powerpoints and papers will be organized in their own folders. Duplicates will be deleted!


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