Fans Claim This Selfie PROVES Rapper Tupac Shakur Is Alive And Well Almost TWENTY Years After He Was Apparently MURDERED

#1 Is It Him?

This selfie was taken some time in 2015. It has recently surfaced and gone viral, prompting many people to ask themselves whether or not Tupac is actually still alive somewhere.


#2 Can You See The Resemblance?

Many people are pointing out the similarities between this picture of Tupac and the picture that was posted. They say it is clear to see that he has the same eyebrows and lips.


#3 He Would Be 45 Today

If Tupac were alive today, he would be 45. But he died, didn’t he?


#4 So Many Conspiracy Theories

There are so many conspiracy theories regarding Tupac. Almost all of them revolve around his death. Some say that he didn’t really die, and he just wanted to get out of the limelight, as he was tired of being famous.


#5 His Death Was Strange

His death was a strange moment. Many people couldn’t believe it. In one music video, he was seen wearing sneakers that only came out after he had died…


#6 They’re Making A Movie

They’re releasing a movie based on Tupac’s life soon. Could this be simply a way to draw attention to the film’s release?


#7 The Mystery Continues

It’s crazy how we’re still talking about Tupac 20 years after he supposedly died. The mystery continues…

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