Count The Lines On Your Wrist, Are There 3 Or 4? This Is The Meaning Of Your Wrist Lines

#1 1st Line

The 1st line on your wrist is the most important. If it has no gaps, it means that you have great health. If it is weak, it could mean problems like prostate issues in men and infertility in females.


#2 2nd Line

The second line is called your “wealth line.” If this one is strong, it means you will have a lot of money and will live comfortably.


#3 3rd Line

The 3rd line is the success line. If this is strong, it means you will have a good career and may become famous.


#4 4th Line

The fourth line is rare and not all people have it. If you have it, it means that you will live a long life and have tons of descendants.

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