An 8-Year-Old Bride Died On Her Wedding Night And The Reason Why Is Tragic And Sickening

Arranged marriage is an extremely controversial topic today, as it is slowly being snuffed out in cultures around the world.

One prevailing tradition in Yemen is for young girls to be married off to their much older husbands, and the results can be deadly, as seen in the most recent case of this form of marriage.

What would you do if you did not have the choice in who you marry?  What would you do if your spouse was much older than you, so old that you shouldn’t be together?  This is what many Yemeni girls face when they are put into arranged marriages.

It is not uncommon for young girls, as young as eight, to be taken into marriage by a man more than five times her age.3

This tradition has serious consequences, not only for the lives of the girls being married, but for the society as a whole.  Young girls’ lives are taken away, and sometimes in the most literal case.

One Yemeni girl died on her wedding night due to internal bleeding when her husband raped her.  She was eight years old.

Over a quarter of the Yemeni female population is married before they are 15, which presents a real prevailing problem in the country.4

Because of the atrocities like the most recent one, this practice is being called out and many are actively seeking to end it.  Though it is the humane thing to do, it is being met with extreme opposition from the Yemeni population.


This practice is dangerous for the girls being married off, and awareness needs to be raised on the matter.

In an attempt to do so, one YouTuber made the following video documenting the reactions of people when he stood in public with his staged young wife.  Check it out below, and let us know your thoughts on the old tradition.


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