A Mom Is Warning Everyone After Making A Disturbing Find On Receipt

#1 A Family Night Out

It can be a fun night out taking the kids to a restaurant but it can also be stressful. For Whitney it started out as fun but got weird later.


#2 Whitney And Family

Whitney had taken her family out to dinner one night. The bill was $45.50 and she left a $10.00 tip. However the next day she noticed that something was up.


#3 Overcharged

She checked her bank statement and found that she had been charged $65.50. She called the restaurant and they said they had the receipt showing that she left a $20.00 tip.


#4 Forged Signature

Whitney went back to the restaurant and they showed her the receipt, with her forged signature on it. The waitress had thrown out the merchant copy and forged Whitney’s signature on the customer copy.


#5 We’ll Get Back To You

Whitney complained to the restaurant but of course nothing was done until she posted to social media. Then the cops looked into it.


#6 Not The First Time

Turns out this had been happening at that restaurant for awhile without anyone noticing. This is why you should check your bank statements carefully.

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