Farmville Avalon Wilderlands Chapter 7 Quest Guide

These Avalon Wilderlands Chapter 7 Quest are repeatable and specific to the Avalon Wilderlands Farm only. Please read full post and do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Chapter 7 Quest Expected to run from Mon 23rd February, 2015 through Mon 2nd March, 2015

Storyline: Farmer! I hear you spoke to my dad. Thank you so much!.. He’s much more open about me learning magic now!.. Shall we go see if my skills have improved?


Quest 1: “The Man of the House: Part 1” I think my skills will be pretty solid soon, and that’s swell, because the King will soon make a big announcement about a magic tournament! 

Let’s go out to the fields, Farmer!

Quest 1




Medieval HoodLove Lies BleedingBlue Blossom Goblet

Baby Earth Dragon

  • Get 7 Medieval Hood
  • Harvest 80 Love Lies Bleeding (6 mins)
  • Craft 4 Blue Blossom Goblets

Baby Earth Dragon

Other Rewards: 3000 Coins Coins 370 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Medieval Timber Share Reward


Quest 2: “So I know some basic transformation spells now. Isn’t that exciting? I can turn you into a frog

I hope everything works the way it should, Farmer!

Quest 2



Quest4:Magical Miracles: Part 2

Peasant BootsFrench Fingerling PotatoWedding Flute Set

Gnome Cottage

  •  Get 8 Peasant Boots
  • Harvest 120 French Fingerling Potato (8 hrs )
  • Craft 4 Wedding Flute Sets

Wine Barrel Cart

Other Rewards: 3500 Coins Coins 380 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Lime Mortar Share Reward


Quest 3: “What about you, Farmer? Think you’ve got a magical side?

Olyver is my best friend, but don’t tell him… sssh!

Quest 3




Ornamental Hair PinFleur De LisGlass and Gold Vase

Legendary Sword

  • Get 9 Ornamental Hair Pin
  • Harvest 80 Fluer De Lis (8 hrs )
  • Craft 4 Glass and Gold Vases

Legendary Sword

Other Rewards: 4000 Coins Coins 390 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Medieval Brick Share Reward


Quest 4: “I want Olyver to come with me if I go for the tournament, but I don’t know how to tell him! 

Thanks, Farmer, for helping me with my journey.

Quest 4



Quest6:Magical Miracles: Part 4

Festive DrumBlood RootFruit Bowl

Old Red Tree

  • Get 9 Festive Drum
  • Harvest 120 Blood Root (14 hrs )
  • Craft 3 Fruit Bowls

Old Red Tree

Other Rewards: 4500 Coins Coins 340 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Medieval Timber Share Reward


Quest 5: “Everyone in the Wilderlands is going to throw a fit when they find out what I’m doing. 

The Wilderlands truly have gotten more exciting since your arrival, I must say!

Quest 5



Quest1:Magical Miracles: Part 5

HummelBlack Velvet PetuniaBaby Earth Dragon

Armoured Cat

  • Get 10 Hummel
  • Harvest 140 Black Velvet Petunia (46 hrs)
  • Harvest Baby Earth Dragon 2 Times (46 hrs)

Armoured Cat

Other Rewards: 5000 Coins Coins 410 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Lime Mortar Share Reward


Quest 6:” I’m so glad my dad is on board with my ideas!

Farmer, I’m so glad you’re coming along on this journey with me!

Quest 6



Quest2:Magical Miracles: Part 6

Enchanted JugLoquatArmoured Cat

Cloaked Pegasus

  • Get 12 Enchanted Jug
  • Harvest 160 Loquat (69 hrs)
  • Harvest Armoured Cat 3 Times (69 hrs)

Cloaked Pegasus

Other Rewards: 5500 Coins Coins 420 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Medieval Brick Share Reward


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