Farmville Off to Vacation Quest Guide

Farmville Off to Vacation Quest can be carried out for all Farms. These quests are repeatable..Please read full post and do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Farmville Off to Vacation Quest Guide Quest Expected to run from Thu 22nd January, 2015 through Thu 5th February, 2015

Storyline: Howdy, Farmer? I hear you’re an expert at throwing parties!.. Looks like I could use your help… Want to lend a hand?

Quest 1: ” You’re the party starter, or so they say. Let’s do this!

Quest 1



af7211432f017cd3cd645499d3b160ac Lamington TreatYerba MateDaylily Perfume Fight Night Kangaroo
  • Get 7 Lamington Treat
  • Harvest 60 Yerba Mate (11 hrs 30 mins)
  • Craft 2 Daylily Perfumes

Fight Night Kangaroo

Other Rewards: 2500 Coins Coins 125 XP XP Share Reward: Medieval Timber Share Reward

Great work, Farmer! Let’s keep going!


Quest 2: ” Let’s make this day better!

Quest 2



f79a73e09c59949fb9431e2e4676992e Australian LatteSwiss ChardRascal Cookie Instagrow Potion
  • Get 8 Australian Latte
  • Harvest 90 Swiss Chard (14 hrs )
  • Craft 2 Rascal Cookies

Instagrow Potion

Other Rewards: 3000 Coins Coins 150 XP XP Share Reward: Lime Mortar Share Reward

Well, that was relaxing!


Quest 3: ” Now let’s go to the beach and see where the party is at!

Quest 3



Quest5:Celebrate Australia Day: Part 3 Coconut by the BeachGolden-Green CropsDry Sake 3 pack of Turbo Chargers
  • Get 9 Coconut by the Beach
  • Harvest 120 Golden-Green Crops (17 hrs 54 mins)
  • Craft 3 Dry Sakes

3 Pack of Turbo Chargers

Other Rewards: 3500 Coins Coins 175 XP XP Share Reward: Medieval Brick Share Reward

Wow, that was refreshing. Thank you farmer!


Quest 4: “We need tickets for the show tonight!

Quest 4



Quest1:Celebrate Australia Day: Part 4 Cracker ShowRyePatty Pan Tart Adventurous Koala
  • Get 10 Cracker Show
  • Harvest 150 Rye (19 hrs 54 mins)
  • Make 3 Patty Pan Tarts

Adventurous Koala

Other Rewards: 4000 Coins Coins 200 XP XP Share Reward: Medieval Timber Share Reward

Thanks for such a wonderful show farmer. It was a beautiful night!


Quest 5: ” Haha, there is a Kangaroo boxing show too! We need tickets!

Quest 5



Quest2:Celebrate Australia Day: Part 5 Star GlovesSquirting SunflowerStrawberry-Cranberry Juice Unwither
  • Get 10 Star Gloves
  • Harvest 180 Squirting Sunflower (23 hrs)
  • Make 3 Strawberry Cranberry Juices


Other Rewards: 4500 Coins Coins 225 XP XP Share Reward: Lime Mortar Share Reward

Haha, that was a really cute show!


Quest 6: ” Wow, what is that spinning object!

Quest 6



Quest6:Celebrate Australia Day: Part 6 Good ol BoomerangMaracas FlowersLily Bath Bomb Super Fertilizer
  • Get 11 Good ol Boomerang
  • Harvest 180 Maracas Flower (23 hrs)
  • Craft 4 Lily Bath Bombs

Super Fertilizer

Other Rewards: 5000 Coins Coins 250 XP XP Share Reward: Medieval Brick Share Reward

These boomerangs are really fun. Thank you farmer!


Quest 7: ” It’s Australia Day! Let’s dress up.

Quest 7



Quest7:Celebrate Australia Day: Part 7 Akubra HatNymph MorelZucchini Muffin Golden Wattle Tree
  • Get 12 Akubra Hat
  • Harvest 200 Nymph Morel (46 hrs)
  • Craft 4 Zucchini Muffins

Golden Wattle Tree

Other Rewards: 5500 Coins Coins 275 XP XP Share Reward: Medieval Timber Share Reward

Wow, you look amazing with that hat on you!


Quest 8: ” You’re the picnic veteran, or so they say. Let’s do this!

Quest 8



Quest8:Celebrate Australia Day: Part 8 Picnic TimeBell PepperChardonnay Wine Instagrow Potion
  • Get 13 Picnic Time
  • Harvest 220 Bell Pepper (46 hrs)
  • Make 4 Chardonnay Wines

Instagrow Potion

Other Rewards: 6000 Coins Coins 300 XP XP Share Reward: Lime Mortar Share Reward

That was an amazing aftertoon spent together!


Quest 9: ” It’s Australia Day and the memories are just waiting to happen!

Quest 9



Quest9:Celebrate Australia Day: Part 9 Backyard BarbecuePink RoseRejuvenating Mask Social Bash Pony
  • Get 14 Backyard Barbecue
  • Harvest 240 Pink Rose (46 hrs)
  • Craft 4 Rejuvenating Masks

Social Bash Pony

Other Rewards: 6500 Coins Coins 325 XP XP Share Reward: Medieval Brick Share Reward

This day couldn’t have gone any better!

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