Farmville Avalon Wilderlands Chapter 4 Quest Guide

These Avalon Wilderlands Chapter 4 Quest are repeatable and specific to the Avalon Wilderlands Farm only hence, before placing any quest item on other farms, make sure that the quest icon appears on that farm too, else their harvests might not count. v Quests requirements can be changed anytime as how Zynga Updates them. We do our best to keep you updated ASAP.

Chapter 4 Quest Expected to run from Mon 2nd January, 2015 through Mon 9th February, 2015.

Storyline: Farmer! You remember what I told you about Gilbert, right? I think he’s hiding out in a cave nearby, I’m sure we can find him! Let’s go poke around!

Quest 1: “Getting Serious about Magic: Part 1” My magic takes some time to warm up. No, it’s not an excuse! Psh. You young people…

Quest 1



file Medieval HoodLove Lies BleedingBlue Blossom Goblet Wooden Knight Rider Horse
  • Get 7 Medieval Hood
  • Harvest 80 Love Lies Bleeding (6 mins)
  • Craft 3 Blue Blossom Goblet

Wooden Knight Rider Horse

Other Rewards: 3000 Coins Coins 190 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Medieval Timber Share Reward

OK, let’s go! Remember to be quiet.


Quest 2: “Getting Serious about Magic: Part 2” What’s that? You want to go to the castle all the way across Avalon?

Quest 2



Quest2:Getting Serious about Magic: Part 2 Peasant BootsRoyal MandrakeOrnate Decanter Hot Cross Bakery
  • Get 8 Peasant Boots
  • Harvest 120 Royal Mandrake (6 mins)
  • Craft 3 Ornate Decanters

Hot Cross Bakery

Other Rewards: 3500 Coins Coins 200 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Lime Mortar Share Reward

Annabel’s got the hang of wizardry. She needs to learn how to mix potions, though.


Quest 3: “Getting Serious about Magic: Part 3” So, today we’re going to go around finding ingredients for lunch. And yes, for spells too.

Quest 3



Quest3:Getting Serious about Magic: Part 3 Ornamental Hair PinOrnamental CabbageGilded Pitcher Floating Rune Stones
  • Get 9 Ornamental Hair Pin
  • Harvest 80 Ornamental Cabbage (14 hrs )
  • Craft 5 Gilded Pitchers

Floating Rune Stones

Other Rewards: 4000 Coins Coins 210 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Medieval Brick Share Reward

Honestly, Annabel is the first person I’ve seen, boy or girl, that’s taken this quickly to magic.


Quest 4:”Getting Serious about Magic: Part 4″ Don’t get ahead of yourself now, there’s still lots to learn!!

Quest 4



Quest4:Getting Serious about Magic: Part 4 Festive DrumBlood RootWedding Flute Set Flaming Dandelion Tree
  • Get 9 Festive Drum
  • Harvest 120 Blood Root (14 hrs )
  • Craft 3 Wedding Flute Sets

Flaming Dandelion Tree

Other Rewards: 4500 Coins Coins 220 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Medieval Timber Share Reward

Hey, here’s a good one – what do you call a magician who walks aimlessly? A wand-erer!


Quest 5:”Getting Serious about Magic: Part 5″ Okay, so I’m not very funny, but you have to agree I’m an ace magician!?

Quest 5



Quest5:Getting Serious about Magic: Part 5 HummelEnglish LavenderFlaming Dandelion Tree Ruby Rose Deer
  • Get 10 Hummel
  • Harvest 140 English Lavender (23 hrs)
  • Harvest Flaming Dandelion Tree 2 Times (46 hrs)

Ruby Rose Deer

Other Rewards: 5000 Coins Coins 230 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Lime Mortar  Share Reward

Annabel’s father is mighty nice eh, letting his daughter learn an art that’s considered kind of dangerous?


Quest 6:”Getting Serious about Magic: Part 6″ Look, you two need to bring me breakfast everyday if we’re going to do this.

Quest 6



Quest6:Getting Serious about Magic: Part 6 Enchanted JugIlex BerryRuby Rose Deer Steel Wing Pegacorn
  • Get 12 Enchanted Jug
  • Harvest 160 Ilex Berry (23 hrs)
  • Harvest Ruby Rose Deer 2 Times (69 hrs)

Steel Wing Pegacorn

Other Rewards: 55000 Coins Coins 240 Avalon Points avalonPoints Share Reward: Medieval Brick Share Reward

Farmer, it’s about time Annabel did a little magicking of her own!


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