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Farmville Honor The Brave Quest can be carried out for all Farms.There is no  guaranteed about unreleased quests information.zynga can be change requirement before Quest released.These quests are repeatable..Please read full post and do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Farmville Pumpkins After Halloween Quest is expected to run from 06th November 2014 to 20th November 2014

Quest Guide


HONOR THE BRAVE: PART 1: Symbol Of Remembrance!
Red Poppy 
Daylily Perfume 
Poppy Sheep 
1. Get 7 Red Poppy
2. Harvest 60 Peanuts (16 Hrs)
3. Craft 3 Daylily Perfume in the Spa
Reward: 1 Poppy Sheep
Other Rewards: 125 XP 2500 Coins    Share Rewards: Candy Apples Candy Apples 
I am so excited about this, Farmer!
HONOR THE BRAVE: PART 2: Yellow Ribbon Program!

Honor The Brave 
Yellow Ribbon  allCoffee  Garlic Vinegar  Book Of XP 
1. Get 8 Yellow Ribbon 2. Harvest 90 Coffee (16 Hrs) 3. Craft 3 Garlic Vinegar in the Winery Reward: 1 Book Of XP
Other Rewards: 150 XP 3000 Coins    Share Rewards: Misfortune Cookie Misfortune Cookie 
Great job, Farmer!
HONOR THE BRAVE: PART 3: Color Trilogy!

Honor The Brave 
Red White Blue Balloons  allRye  Black Licorice  3 pack of Turbo Chargers 
1. Get 9 Red White Blue Balloons 2. Harvest 120 Rye (19 Hrs 54 Mins) 3. Craft 4 Black Licorice in the Bakery Reward: 1 3 pack of Turbo Chargers
Other Rewards: 175 XP 3500 Coins    Share Rewards: Pumpkin Fall Wreath Pumpkin Fall Wreath 
Good job, Farmer! Everyone is going to love it!
HONOR THE BRAVE: PART 4: Gratitute for a service!

Honor The Brave 
Thank You Card  allChickpea  Petal Sachet  Patriotic Monkey 
1. Get 10 Thank You Card 2. Harvest 150 Chickpeas (19 Hrs 54 Mins) 3. Craft 4 Petal Sachet in the Spa Reward: 1 Patriotic Monkey
Other Rewards: 200 XP 4000 Coins    Share Rewards: Candy Apples Candy Apples 
Farmer, everything is happening as planned! I’m happy!
HONOR THE BRAVE: PART 5: Wave it high!

Honor The Brave 
American Flag  Yellow Ribbon Blossoms  Poppy Sheep  Unwither 
1. Get 10 American Flag 2. Harvest 180 Yellow Ribbon Blossoms (23 Hrs) 3. Harvest Poppy Sheep 2 Times Reward: 1 Unwither
Other Rewards: 225 XP 4500 Coins    Share Rewards: Misfortune Cookie Misfortune Cookie 
That was awesome! You always exceed my expectations!
HONOR THE BRAVE: PART 6: Box Of Sunshine!

Honor The Brave 
Care Package Boxes  allCelery  Dry Sake  Super Fertilizer 
1. Get 11 Care Package Boxes 2. Harvest 180 Celery (23 Hrs) 3. Craft 3 Dry Sake in the Winery Reward: 1 Super Fertilizer
Other Rewards: 250 XP 5000 Coins    Share Rewards: Pumpkin Fall Wreath Pumpkin Fall Wreath 
Well done, Farmer! Like I said, it will be fun doing this!
HONOR THE BRAVE: PART 7: If not in, let’s watch the parade!

Honor The Brave 
Kid  allEggplant  Lily Bath Bomb  Freedom Flight 
1. Get 12 Kid’s Parade Cart 2. Harvest 200 Eggplants (46 Hrs) 3. Craft 3 Lily Bath Bomb in the Spa Reward: 1 Freedom Flight
Other Rewards: 275 XP 5500 Coins    Share Rewards: Candy Apples Candy Apples 
Everything looks just right! Can’t wait!
HONOR THE BRAVE: PART 8: Let’s treat them right!

Honor The Brave 
Patriotic Treats  allBroccoli  Mocha Blackberry Cake  Instagrow Potion 
1. Get 13 Patriotic Treats 2. Harvest 220 Broccoli (46 Hrs) 3. Craft 4 Mocha Blackberry Cake in the Bakery Reward: 1 Instagrow Potion
Other Rewards: 300 XP 6000 Coins    Share Rewards: Misfortune Cookie Misfortune Cookie 
Well done, Farmer! We’re almost there!
HONOR THE BRAVE: PART 9: Tricolor Wreaths!

Honor The Brave 
Red Blue White Wreath  Yellow Ribbon Blossoms  Patriotic Monkey  Proud Pegasus 
1. Get 14 Red Blue White Wreath 2. Master Yellow Ribbon Blossoms to 1 Star (Total 600 Harvests) 3. Harvest Patriotic Monkey 5 Times Reward: 1 Proud Pegasus
Other Rewards: 325 XP 6500 Coins    Share Rewards: Pumpkin Fall Wreath Pumpkin Fall Wreath 
Everything looks perfect! You have always amazed me with your efficiency, Farmer!

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