Farmville Beat Magical Toy Town Event


  Farmville and Zynga may release a Beat Magical Toy Town Challenge to help obtain a free shipping license for your Magical Toy Town farm along with some other rewards!

Look at the Loading Screen Of The Beat Magical Toy Town Challenge:

Following requirements of the Beat Magical Toy Town challenge.

1 Task: Reward:
Upgrade the Toy Mansion to level 6


2,000 Toy Town Points


2 Task: Reward:
Instagrow Potion Instagrow Potion
Master all the crops below to 3 Stars
(Knitted Grape, Gumball Bloom, Gummy Bear, Candy Alphabet, Smiley Orange, Strawberry Bear, Toy Duckie, Apple in a Box, Berry Teether, Jigsaw Bloom, Durian Ball, Toy Tulip, Toy Carrot, Flower Stack Bee, Clay Poinsettia, Gear Daisy, Pompom Dandelion, Felt Rose, Wind Spinner Flower, Crazy Crayon, Clay Pepper, )

2x  Instagrow Potion


3 Task: Reward:
Unwither Unwither
Complete all animals in Toy Shoppe!
(Soft Plushie Horse, Brown Plasticine Horse, Patchwork Horse, Candy Stripe Horse, Pull-Along Horse, Plushie Rocking Horse, Building Block Horse, Vintage Wheeled Horse, Red Plushie Horse, Vintage Metal Horse, Old Carousel Horse, Geometric Horse, White Ceramic Pegasus, Plush Unicorn, Steampunk Pegasus, )

5x  Unwither


4 Task: Reward:
Have a 5 Star Toyland Food Van!CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE GUIDE 4,000 Toy Town Points


After finish above requirement you will unlock Beat Magical Toy Town Trophy and Shipping License for Magical Toy Town.

Tiny Toybox Beat Trophy Toy Town
Tiny Toybox Beat Trophy Toy Town Shipping License

If you don’t want to finish beat chalenge and still want shipping licence for Magical Toy Town so it will also be available in the markeet for 150 Farm Cash.

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