Farmville Town Hollow Buildable


Farmville Zynga will released new buildable Feature in the Horseman’s Hollow Farm.The new feature called “Town Hollow“..This is new buildable have various stages.the Town Hollow can be harvested once everyday!


Farmville Town Hollow Stage 0 Farmville Town Hollow Stage 1 Farmville Town Hollow Stage 2 Farmville Town Hollow Stage 3
Town Hollow Stage 0 Town Hollow Stage 1 Town Hollow Stage 2 Town Hollow Stage 3
Farmville Town Hollow Stage 4 Farmville Town Hollow Stage 5 Farmville Town Hollow Stage 6 Farmville Town Hollow Stage 7
Town Hollow Stage 4 Town Hollow Stage 5 Town Hollow Stage 6 Town Hollow Stage 7
Farmville Town Hollow Stage 8 Farmville Town Hollow Stage 9
Town Hollow Stage 8 Town Hollow Stage 9

To upgrade your Town Hollow you will need to add Candy ApplesMisfortune Cookies and Pumpkin Fall Wreaths to upgrade your Town Hollow

Stage Candy Apples Misfortune Cookie Pumpkin Fall Wreath Total
Stage 1 3 3 3 9
Stage 2 4 4 6 14
Stage 3 8 8 12 28
Stage 4 10 10 16 36
Stage 5 12 12 20 44
Stage 6 14 14 25 53
Stage 7 18 18 30 66
Stage 8 20 20 40 80
Stage 9 22 22 50 94
Total 111 111 202 424

There are rewards to be won for completing each stage successfully. They are as shown under:

Stage 1 Spooky Eyeball Tree
Stage 2 Witchy Owl
Stage 3 Tealight Tree
Stage 4 Pumpkin Gate
Stage 5 Cobweb Pig
Stage 6 Whimsical Rooster
Stage 7 Witch Hat
Stage 8 Flaming Spellbook
Stage 9 Woodsy Fall Pegasus


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