Farmville Farmer’s Square Cotton Mill Recipes

141e07cd894e31ed93b4c5c5f8e73670The Cotton Mill is one of the six raw material buildings found in the Farmer’s Square. It also works as a crafting cottage for producing items which are used to fulfill orders from the village. The Cotton Mill harvests for Cotton by default which is used to craft other goods in it. Read more to have a look at the various recipes made in the Cotton Mill.

Cotton Mill Takes 14 Hrs Cotton


Minimum Level To Unlock Recipe -Ingredients- Craft Time Square Points Gained

Cotton Sheet

2 Cotton

    14 Hours 970


2 Cotton Sheet

2 Wood Plank

  14 Hours 1890

Outdoor Table

2 Cotton Sheet

1 Hangout Table

  14 Hours 1980

Wicker Pool Chair

1 Cotton Sheet

    14 Hours 1242

Hawaiian Shirt

3 Cotton

    14 Hours 1656

Men’s Suit

1 Hawaiian Shirt

1 Wood Sheet

  14 Hours 1296

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