Farmville Country Clock Tower Guide


FarmVille and Zynga may soon release a new buildable in the game entitled Country Clock Tower. The purpose of this building is not known at this time.However, we have found unreleased images of the various building stages. Check them out below.

 The Country Clock Tower will have 6 stages..


Farmers will be able to craft Clock Hands in their Craftshop. The bushel requirements are as shown under:


-Bushels Required- -Bushels Required- -Bushels Required- Product Crafting Time
3 hrs
3x Squash Bushel 3x Morning Glory Bushel 3x Rye Basket Clock Hands


You will be able to harvest your Country Clock Tower once a day to obtain Clock Spire Stalks seeds and Coins!


Clock Spire Stalks Clock Spire StalksMastery Sign Clock Spire StalksBushel


The details of the Clock Spire Stalks crop are shown below:


No. Icon Crop Name Cost Grow Time XP Gain Profit Coin Yield Mastery
1 Clock Spire Stalks 90 8 hrs 2 235 325 1200+2400+3600=7200

You will be using Clock Gears, Clock Hands and Red Clay Bricks to build and upgrade your Country Clock Tower. The requirements at different stages are shown below:


Stages Parts Used For Building

Stage 0

Clock Gears Clock Hands Red Clay Bricks TotalFor



Stage 1

6 2 9 17

Stage 2

8 3 12 23

Stage 3

10 4 15 29

Stage 4

12 6 18 36

Stage 5

14 8 21 43

Stage 6

16 10 24 50


We shall update this post with more information when we find out. Meanwhile, you may want to join our Facebook Group by clicking here. Happy Farming!

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