Farmville Mardi Gras Countdown 2014


Farmville and zynga have released new Countdown in the game called “Mardi Gras “..The Mardi Gras Countdown will be available for 16 Days.Collect all 16 days request items to unlock Grand Prize “Parade Queen Pegacorn“…Countdown will give you the oppertunity to repeat all countdown again and player win all prizes 2nd time…Check below for more detail..

 Mardi Gras countdown is expected to run from 25th February, to 18th March, 2014


First take a look at the pop up notice of the Mardi Gras Countdown!


You need to request all these items to finish Mardi Gras Countdown..( All Items In Order )

You need to collect all prizes to unlock Special bonus Prize…

Royal Purple Lab Jester Panda Margi Grasette Party Mardi Tree
Masquerade Bobtail Merpegacorn Fountain Quarter Frenchie Carnival Deer
Doubloon Palm Tree Masktail Peacock Knight Parade Float Pink Masque Pegasus
Bourbonstjazzclub Fairy Rex Horse Black Gold Sheep Beaded Pine Tree

Every day we learned to get the gifts, bonus reward this will Parade Queen Pegacorn

Parade Queen Pegacorn Mastery Sign Parade Queen Pegacorn Foal Mastery Sign

Now u can win all countdown prize 2nd time.Yes!Mardi Gras Countdown is repeatable.

countdownd 2nd pop up

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