Farmville Emerald Valley Farm Trees


Farmville Emerald Valley Farm coming out soon.Like other farms the farmville Emerald Valley will also have its own Trees Collection..Below we show you a complete list of the new Emerald Valley Trees.Get ready to enjoy a new Farm.There is much more you can see below..These all Trees collection related to the Quest reward and Markeet items.Share this post with your Friends.Check out the images below for a quick look….Happy Farming!

Note: There is no gaurantee about these images.Zynga can be change any item before released.

 EARLY ACCESS : 24th February, 2014 (Monday) 
GENERAL ACCESS : 3rd March2014 (Monday)

Spiral Works Tree
Spiral Works Tree
Crackle Blue Tree
Giant Crackle Blue Tree
Curled Glass Pine Tree
Giant Curled Glass Pine Tree
Curled Maple Tree
Giant Curled Maple Tree
Curled Tree
Giant Curled Tree
Emerald Bubble Tree
Giant Emerald Bubble Tree
Emerald Mulga Tree
Giant Emerald Mulga Tree
Emerald Spire Tree
Giant Emerald Spire Tree
Emerald Swirl Tree
Giant Emerald Swirl Tree
Emerald Wand Tree
Giant Emerald Wand Tree

Ever Blue and Gold Tree
Giant Ever Blue and Gold Tree
Crystal Wand Tree
Crystal Wand Tree
Flower Key Tree
Giant Flower Key Tree
Folded Ribbons Tree
Giant Folded Ribbons Tree
Golden Coin Tree
Giant Golden Coin Tree
Grab Apple Tree
Giant Grab Apple Tree
Grinding Gears Tree
Giant Grinding Gears Tree
Hay Tassle Tree
Giant Hay Tassle Tree
Heart Medallion Tree
Giant Heart Medallion Tree
Heart Print Tree
Giant Heart Print Tree
Magic Oak Twirl Tree
Giant Magic Oak Twirl Tree
Gear Flower Tree
Gear Flower Tree
Magic Water Bucket Tree
Giant Magic Water Bucket Tree
Flower Bubble Tree
Flower Bubble Tree
Emerald Heart Tree
Emerald Heart Tree
Poppy Flowers Tree
Giant Poppy Flowers Tree
Poppy Shrub Tree
Giant Poppy Shrub Tree
Rainbow Clouds Tree
Giant Rainbow Clouds Tree
Rainbow Flame Tree
Giant Rainbow Flame Tree
Rainbow Lily Tree
Giant Rainbow Lily Tree
Rainbow Spirals Tree
Giant Rainbow Spirals Tree
Rainbow Tree
Giant Rainbow Tree
Rainbow Twister Tree
Giant Rainbow Twister Tree
Rainbow Willow Tree
Giant Rainbow Willow Tree
Silver Shoes Tree
Giant Silver Shoes Tree
Spiral Trunk Tree
Giant Spiral Trunk Tree
Tinker Trunk Tree
Tinker Trunk Tree
Yellow Brick Tree
Yellow Brick Tree
Tin Top Tree
Giant Tin Top Tree
Verdigris Spiral Tree
Verdigris Spiral Tree
Tuft Bow Tree
Giant Tuft Bow Tree
Twirled Leaves Tree
Giant Twirled Leaves Tree
Twister Bubble Tree
Giant Twister Bubble Tree

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