FarmVille Holiday Lights Farm Hollybright Tree

c9aae659e98dc9262dcc8ec53a5ba29cA multitude of gifts and of course hard work ahead of us 🙂 You do not need to build, but constructed Sparkle Lights rewards.

Where they will be manufactured in the Light Sparkle lot, I do not yet know if the same line passing Zynga as the Hanging Garden, you probably will get a special, separate building for that purpose to the new farm. 

8 hours / 480 minutes
Sparkle Lights Bucket
(1 unit Sparkle Lights)
3 Glass Icicle Bushels Holiday Stained Glass 3 Bushels 3 Auroral Rosemary Bushels  
10 hours / 600 minutes
Sparkle Lights Crate
(3 piece Sparkle Lights)
4 Glass Candle Bushels Glass Pinwheel 4 Bushels Chestnuts Roasting 4 Bushels  
12 hours / 720 minutes
Sparkle Lights Chest
(5 pcs Sparkle Lights)
5 Förste Poinsettia Bushels 5 Glass candycane Bushels 5 Bushels Sugar N Sprites  

 30 levels of fun ahead of us comfortable, collecting a total of 974 pieces of gifts Sparkle Lights will be needed. You can find it in the table below due on the gifts at each level of distribution and redemption. Unwinther we are happy owners of a ring is the last level 🙂

Level Total: 974 items Reward
  1 x Sparkle Lights Icy Wolf
  3 x Sparkle Lights 1 Unwither Spray
  4 x Sparkle Lights Candy Cane Light Tree
  5 x Sparkle Lights Swirling Light Cat
  6 x Sparkle Lights 1 Instagrow
  7 x Sparkle Lights Blue Aurora Pegacorn
  8 x Sparkle Lights Puppy Present
  9 x Sparkle Lights 3 Pack of Turbo Charges
  10 x Sparkle Lights Hollybright Post Office
  12 x Sparkle Lights  Material resources necessary to expand Holly Bright
  13 x Sparkle Lights Frost Light Cow
  15 x Sparkle Lights 5 Farmhands
  19 x Sparkle Lights Aurora Phoenix
  21 x Sparkle Lights 3 Unwithers
  22 x Sparkle Lights Frostfire Dragon
  25 x Sparkle Lights 1 Instagrow
  27 x Sparkle Lights Snow Tree Coveblack
  30 x Sparkle Lights 3 Pack of Turbo Charges
  35 x Sparkle Lights Giving Gnome
  38 x Sparkle Lights 5 arborists
  43 x Sparkle Lights Ice Mansion
  46 x Sparkle Lights 3 piece Instagrows
  50 x Sparkle Lights Ice Light Tree
  55 x Sparkle Lights Holly Bright  raw material resources necessary to expand
At 25
  60 x Sparkle Lights Arctic Glow Chicken
  65 x Sparkle Lights 3 Pack of Turbo Charges
  75 x Sparkle Lights Farmville Ice Sculpture
  85 x Sparkle Lights Snow Man Tree
  90 x Sparkle Lights Arctic Unicorn
95 x Sparkle Lights Pegacorn Holiday Lights
Holiday Lights Unwither Ring

Check below animation of final prizes will be a Holiday Lights Pegacorn and a Holiday Lights Unwither Ring

Hollybright Tree Animation

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~~~ Happy Questing ~~~

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