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Farmville Holiday Lights Farm coming out soon.Like other farms farmville Holiday Lights will also have its own Animals Collection..Below we show you a complete list of the new Holiday Lights animals.Get ready to enjoy a new Farm.There is much more you can see below..These all animals collection related to the Quest reward and Markeet items.Share this post with your Friends.Check out the images below for a quick look….Happy Farming!

Note: There is no gaurantee about these images.Zynga can be change any item before released.


Arctic Horse Arctic Foal Bells Horse Bells Foal
Holiday Carousel Horse Holiday Carousel Foal Holiday Cheer Horse Holiday Cheer Foal
Holly Bright Horse Holly Bright Foal Holly Bright Clydesdale Holly Bright Clydesdale Foal
Holly Carriage Horse Holly Carriage Foal Winter Spot Horse Winter Spot Foal
Aurora Pegacorn Aurora Pegacorn Foal Arctic Wind Pegacorn Arctic Wind Pegacorn Foal
Blue Aurora Pegacorn Blue Aurora Pegacorn Foal Bright Wing Pegacorn Bright Wing Pegacorn Foal
Bright Twist Pegacorn Bright Twist Pegacorn Foal Cardinal Wing Pegacorn Cardinal Wing Pegacorn Foal
Celebration Pegacorn Celebration Pegacorn Foal Flame Bright Pegacorn Flame Bright Pegacorn Foal
Frost Light Pegacorn Frost Light Pegacorn Foal Golden Feather Pegacorn Golden Feather Pegacorn Foal
Holiday Lights Pegacorn Holiday Lights Pegacorn Foal Holly Bright Fairycorn Holly Bright Fairycorn Foal
Prismatic Pegacorn Prismatic Pegacorn Foal Sparkle Hoof Pegacorn Sparkle Hoof Pegacorn Foal
Swirling Pegacorn Swirling Pegacorn Foal Winter Comfort Pegacorn Winter Comfort Pegacorn Foal
Bright Mane Unicorn Bright Mane Unicorn Foal Light Horn Unicorn Light Horn Unicorn Foal
Shire Wreath Unicorn Shire Wreath Unicorn Foal Spearmint Lights Unicorn Spearmint Lights Unicorn Foal
Starbright Unicorn Starbright Unicorn Foal Holiday Stallion Holiday Stallion Foal
Northern Lights Stallion Northern Lights Stallion Foal Holly Bright Pony Holly Bright Pony Foal


Holly Bright Bull Holly Bright Bull Calf Arctic Cow Arctic Calf
Borealis Bovine Cow Borealis Bovine Calf Frost Light Cow Frost Light Calf
Holiday Spirit Cow Holiday Spirit Calf


Auruora Dragon Aurora Dragicorn Bright Wing Dragon Frostfire Dragon
Giving Dragon Ice Crystal Dragon Shimmer Light Dragon Auroratrex
Holiday Stegasaurus Holly Bright Baby Dragon


Arctic Glow Chicken Arctic Glow Egg Frostlight Chicken Frostlight Egg
Holly Bright Chicken Holly Bright Egg Holly Light Chicken Holly Light Egg
Ornament Chicken Ornament Egg Charity Duck Golden Feather Duck
Holi Duck Arctic Parrot Aurora Phoenix Bundled Snowy Owl
Aurora Swan Aurora Touched Peacock Glitter Ornament Peacock Holly Peacock


Bright Horn Ram Gilded Glitter Sheep Glow Light Sheep Holly Bright Sheep
Ornaments Sheep Arctic Piggy Giving Pig Felt Ornament Goat
Holly and Ivy Goat To Give Goat


Ealis Bear Giving Bear Radiant Polar Bear Warm Scarf Polar Bear
Arctic Lion Arctic Lynx Arctic Panther White Pine Mane Lion
Cheer Cat Snowflake Cat Swirling Light Cat Arctic Light Fox
Aurora Wolf Icey Wolf Season Spirit Wolf Aurora Lab
Aurora Pup Charity Pup Helper Dog Warm Scarf Dog


Aurora Deer Aurora Fawn Candycane Deer Candycane Fawn
Holiday Cheer Deer Holiday Cheer Fawn Snow Sparkle Deer Snow Sparkle Fawn


Holly Bright Badger Curled Elk Ice Swirl Reindeer Glimmering Griffin
Holly Bright Giraffe Holly Bright Hippo Glimmer Puff Llama Holly Bright Baby Llama
Holiday Light Porcupine Arctic Hamster Lantern Turtle Holly Bright Yeti

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