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Farmville Mystical Groves Farm coming out soon.Like other farms farmville Mystical Groves will also have its own Decorations Collection..Below we show you a complete list of the new Mystical Groves Decorations.Get ready to enjoy a new Farm.There is much more you can see below..Share this post with your Friends.Check out the images below for a quick look….Happy Farming!

Note: There is no gaurantee about these images.Zynga can be change any item before released.


FarmVille Mystical Groves Decorations List

Destiny Bridge Runic Statue Bard Dwarf Gnome Fire Breather Dwarf Gnome
Destiny Bridge Runic Statue  Bard Dwarf Gnome Fire Breather Dwarf Gnome
 Lantern Lit Gazebo  Hanging Lantern  Shroomcap Dwarf Gnome  Mining Dwarf Gnome
Lantern Lit Gazebo
Hanging Lantern Shroomcap Dwarf Gnome Mining Dwarf Gnome
 Royal Carriage  Darkened Forest  Dwarf Observatory  Gilded Gazebo
 Royal Carriage  Darkened Forest  Dwarf Observatory Gilded Gazebo
 Unicorn Fountain  Patch Cloak Dwarf Gnome  Luna Dwarf Gnome  Dark Herder Dwarf Gnome
Unicorn Fountain Patch Cloak Dwarf Gnome Luna Dwarf Gnome Dark Herder Dwarf Gnome
 Island Turtle  Rosevine Troll  Dark Rose Archway  Dragon Rookery
 Island Turtle Rosevine Troll Dark Rose Archway Dragon Rookery
 Sorcery Rune  Light Herder Dwarf Gnome  Bookkeep Dwarf Gnome  Flagstone Light Path
Sorcery Rune  Light Herder Dwarf Gnome Bookkeep Dwarf Gnome Flagstone Light Path
 Gryphon Aerie  Hollow Fairy  Pristine Kingdom Fence  Copper Floor Lantern
Gryphon Aerie Hollow Fairy Pristine Kingdom Fence Copper Floor Lantern
 Hawking Dwarf Gnome  Blacksmith Dwarf Gnome  Flagstone Dark Path  Crystal Ball
Hawking Dwarf Gnome Blacksmith Dwarf Gnome Flagstone Dark Path Crystal Ball
 Mountain Dwarf Gnome  Floating Castle  Treasure Cavern  Magic Fish Pond
Mountain Dwarf Gnome Floating Castle  Treasure Cavern Magic Fish Pond
   Sorceress Ivy Fence  Sorceress Ivy Gate  
  Sorceress Ivy Fence  Sorceress Ivy Gate  

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