FarmVille Mystical Groves Farm Animals

mystrical grove

Farmville Mystical Groves Farm coming out soon.Like other farms farmville Mystical Groves will also have its own Animals Collection..Below we show you a complete list of the new Mystical Groves animals.Get ready to enjoy a new Farm.There is much more you can see below..These all animals collection related to the Quest reward and Markeet items.Share this post with your Friends.Check out the images below for a quick look….Happy Farming!

Note: There is no gaurantee about these images.Zynga can be change any item before released.

FarmVille Mystical Groves Horses And Foals List

Underworld Zebra
Underworld Zebra Foal White Gold Unicorn White Gold Unicorn Foal Sunspot Unicorn Sunspot Unicorn Foal
Purple Blaze Unicorn Purple Blaze Unicorn Foal Golden Sparks Unicorn Golden Sparks Unicorn Foal Moonlight Unicorn
Moonlight Unicorn Foal
Fairy Headdress Unicorn Fairy Headdress Unicorn Foal Elder Unicorn Elder Unicorn Foal Dark Fantasy Unicorn Dark Fantasy Unicorn Foal
Descending Dusk Horse Descending Dusk Foal Flaxenhair Horse Flaxenhair Foal Mystical Gold Horse Mystical Gold Foal
Nightmare Horse Nightmare Foal Tree Spirit Horse Tree Spirit Foal Night Glow Horse Night Glow Foal
Violet Wave Horse Violet Wave Foal Dwarf Donkey Dwarf Donkey Foal Amber Bright Pegacorn Amber Bright Pegacorn Foal
 Light Brio Unicorn  Light Brio Unicorn Foal  Dark Brio Unicorn  Dark Brio Unicorn Foal  Dark Unicorn Dark Unicorn Foal
 Cursed Unicorn  Cursed Unicorn Foal Red Smoke Stallion Red Smoke Stallion Foal  Blazing Unicorn Blazing Unicorn Foal
 Skeleton Stallion  Skeleton Stallion Foal  Spirit Stallion  Spirit Stallion Foal  Phantom Pegasus Phantom Pegasus Foal
Violet Armored Pegacorn   Violet Armored Pegacorn Foal  Twilight Pegacorn  Twilight Pegacorn Foal  Obsidian Pegacorn Obsidian Pegacorn Foal
 Mystic Flame Pegacorn  Mystic Flame Pegacorn Foal  Aura Pegacorn Aura Pegacorn Foal  Black Butterfly Pegacorn Black Butterfly Pegacorn Foal

FarmVille Mystical Groves Cows & Calves List

Banner Bull Banner Calf Luna Bull Luna Calf Dragi Cow Dragi Calf
Dwarf Cow Dwarf Calf Water Spirit Cow Water Spirit Calf Ridgehorn Cow Ridgehorn Calf

FarmVille Mystical Groves Birds List

Sorceress Chicken Sorceress Egg Phoenix Chicken Phoenix Egg Prince Charming Chicken Prince Charming Egg
Chictail Chicken Chictail Egg Golden Feathers Chicken Golden Feathers Egg Pale Moon Chicken Pale Moon Egg
Midnight Chicken Midnight Egg Blue Wizard Chicken Blue Wizard Egg Bright Swirl Chicken Bright Swirl Egg
Autumn Magic Chicken Autumn Magic Egg Blackbelly Chicken Blackbelly Egg  Cockatrice Rooster

FarmVille Mystical Groves Animals List

Daybreak Lion Gryphon Hawk Bright Goat
Dark Panache Wolf Light Panache Wolf Twilight Goat
Flame Turtle Lunarwing Cub Solarwing Cub Lightning Goat Nightwood Ram Red Ember Ram
Color Blaze Phoenix Dark Ember Phoenix Light Ember Phoenix Great Eagle Tickled Pink Swan Rocky Chinchilla
Bright Puppy Sparkle Otter Painted Puppy Sparkle Afghan Amethyst Dragon Phoenix Dragon
Whispermine Weasel White Mystical Dragon Sunrise Dragon Ametrine Dragon Cloudwing Dragon Mountain Dragon
Ghost Puma Horned Lion Saber Sea Tiger Lunar Bear Tree Bear Frost Bison
Dark Griffon Fledgling Light Griffon Fledgling Dark Mane Dragon Whelp Light Mane Dragon Whelp Forest Beaver Baby Ember
Blue Stripe Raccoon Werepig Cimmerian Mouse Black Luck Kitten Ember Cat Luna Pup
Rune Raccoon Minyan Lemur Firelet Hedgehog Faun Rune Fox Peacock Fox
Gilded Peacock Fiery Peacock Cloud Fox Dark Tailed Fox Fennic Fox Firefly Fox
Golden Ray Peacock Sorceress Peacock Riding Moose Princely Elk Crystal Rhino Shadowed Wolf
Amber Dream Deer Light Ridge Deer Astral Magic Deer Dark Ridge Deer Dusk Tone Pig Brood Boar
Shadow Dance Deer Peacock Deer Saddled Deer Moon Speckled Deer Fire Salamander Dark Water Sheep

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