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Celestial Pastures Farm Image

Same like last farm Farmville Celestial Pastures will also have it’s own Trees,Decorations,Buildings Animals and much more..So here is a preview of some unreleased tree images of the Space themed.The Space Themed trees to be released with the Celestial Pastures farm..Some of trees will be released in markeet via cash and some of them in quest reward..
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Giant Encased Orange Tree

Attention: Few images are not showing becouse they are not yet live from Zynga.

Giant Sun Lemon Tree

Giant Sun Lemon Tree

Tribute Tree

Giant Tribute Tree

Tuft Top Tree

Giant Tuft Top Tree

Giant Tuft Top Tree

Astrojuice Tree

Giant Astrojuice Tree

Blue Fhuz Tree

Giant Blue Fhuz Tree

Giant Fickle Flower Tree

Cherry Gem Tree

Giant Cherry Gem Tree

Elyk Tree

Giant Elyk Tree

Fickle Flower Tree

Fickle Flower Tree

Crystal Crown Tree

Crystal Crown Tree

Giant Crystal Crown Tree

Giant Crystal Crown Tree

Fantasy Four Tree

Giant Fantasy Four Tree

Giant Frizzy Tree

Curly Knot Tree

Giant Curly Knot Tree

Xarol Tree

Giant Xarol Tree

Frizzy Tree

Starlight Fiber Tree

Giant Starlight Fiber Tree

Zork Tree

Giant Zork Tree

Fiyah Tree

Space Rock Tree

Giant Space Rock Tree

Floating Slime Tree

Giant Floating Slime Tree

Giant Fiyah Tree

Space Pine

Giant Space Pine

Fragmented Moon Tree

Giant Fragmented Moon Tree

Fur-Ball Tree

Encased Orange Tree

Giant Encased Orange Tree

Gem Pocket Tree

Giant Gem Pocket Tree

Giant Fur-Ball Tree

Space Passage Tree

Giant Space Passage Tree

Foli-age Tree

Giant Foli-age Tree

Globe Tree II

Space Cloud Tree

Giant Space Cloud Tree

Nebula Tree

Giant Nebula Tree

Giant Globe Tree II

Pokey Points Tree

Giant Pokey Points Tree

Ring Around Tree

Giant Ring Around Tree

Slime Tree

Plasma Plum Tree

Giant Plasma Plum Tree

Storybook Tree

Giant Storybook Tree

Giant Slime Tree

Peach Fuzz Apple Tree

Giant Peach Fuzz Apple Tree

Pink Puff Tree

Giant Pink Puff Tree

Pillis Tree

Honey Glass Tree

Giant Honey Glass Tree

Ping-Pong Tree Sponge

Giant Ping-Pong Tree Sponge

Giant Pillis Tree

Inner Glow Tree

Giant Inner Glow Tree

Star Portal Tree

Giant Star Portal Tree

Sun Lemon Tree

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