Farmville Crafting Pizza Shop

Farmville  decide to released new building “Crafting Pizza Shop” !

In Crafting Pizza Shop players will be able to plant all new crops,craft new items and get new mysteries..Alos if you want to expand piza shop like other crafting building, you will be expand it..You will need to collect following parts to expand Piza Shop..

Pizza Oven part

Chek below new Piza shop loading screen..

Chek below Pizza Shop Guide in 4 easy steps..Get bushels,Get diffrent bushels for make diffrent Ingredients.Combine bushels for make a prize,In 4th and last step make recipe in the Pizza Shop and earn coins and xp’s..

 Chek below following new crops for Crafting Pizza Shop...

Crimini MushroomDurum WheatGenovese BasilGreen PepperRed Pepper

1- Crimini Mushroom = Grow Time 12 Min
2- Durum Wheat = Grow Time 6 Min
3- Genovese Basil = Grow time 12 Min
4- Green Pepper = Grow Time 18 Min
5- Red Pepper = grow time 24 Min

 Roman TomatoShallotsSundried TomatoesWhite WheatYellow Onion

6- Roma Tomato = Grow Time 18 Min
7- Shallot = Grow time 24 Min
8- Sundried Tomato = Grow Time 30 Min
9- White Wheat = Grow Time 6 Min
10- Yellow Onion = Grow time 30 Min

Chek below following new diffrent recipes for Crafting Pizza Shop….

Cheese Pizza Pesto Veggie PizzaSpaghettiVeggie PizzaMushroom SaucePasta

1- Farmville Cheese Pizza recipes
2- Farmville Pesto Veggie Pizza recipes
3- Farmville Spaghetti recipes
4- Farmville Veggie Pizza recipes
5- Farmville Mushroom Sauce recipes
6- Farmville Pasta recipes

Pesto PastaPesto SauceFlat CrustMarinara SauceMushroom PizzaDeep Dish Crust

7- Farmville Pesto Pasta recipes
8- Farmville Pesto Sauce recipes
9- Farmville Flat Crust recipes
10- Farmville Marinara Sauce recipes
11- Farmville Mushroom Pizza recipes
12- Farmville Deep Dish Crust recipes

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