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Claim Your Free Random Gift From Farmville!

Free Random Gift From Farmville!


3 Pack of Turbo Chargers


Farmville and Zynga have decide to give away a Free Random Gift to all farmers.T.Click on below image or link to claim your free Gift.Claim one today and again tomorow..Do share with your friends or neighbours and give them a chance to win this free Gift..


It can be an Unwither, or 3 Pack of Turbo Chargers or different items.

It is Random!

Click HERE to claim Your FREE Item!




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  1. brianna moniqye

    tyvm for the gift much needed

  2. shirley sunley

    Thanks. much needed.

    1. ghada


  3. jo

    you have successfully claimed Carnotaurus! Like I really needed another one of them ;-(

  4. Margaret Campbell


  5. betty

    thank you for the gifts. Really needed unwither.

  6. Wynona Campbell

    Thank you!!!

  7. billy thompson

    How about fixing farmville.It loads ONCE in a Great while.I have been “clicking” the little button for about a year with no result.

  8. susan ward

    thankyou for the free gift

  9. Margaret

    I stopped playing farmville because you have to get one gift at a time . I spend alot of time on here . I wish our gifts would to gift box .

  10. aphadsara

    Ty I got statue .

  11. Chris Matlock

    Think there are too many games and quests going on at one time and not enough time to finish each quest. It takes me forever to acquire the needed item and usually the quest ends before I get what I need. Even though I ask for things as often as I can, I don’t get much response although I try to send gifts as often as it’s allowed. It’s very frustrating and doesn’t make for a fun game. I’ve seriously thought about just giving up and not playing.

    1. nouman

      Hello Cris.
      I know very well and it’s alos happend withh many more players.Try to contach with Customer Support Center.Only they will solve ur issue..

    2. Deb Ohman

      I totally agree, seems like it is that way so you end up spending money to play, getting frustrated also.

  12. MJ

    thank you for the free gift :)

  13. penneyn

    I got a raffle ticket… but I don’t play the raffle any more. Wish it had been an unwither or an instagrow potion. THOSE I could have used…..

  14. ledia

    thank you for the free gift <3

  15. marjorie

    The only thing that I got was a freaking farm hand. That’s bullshit. Then you wonder why I won’t play this game anymore. Farmville you totally SUCK.

  16. rosemahamud

    thank you for the gifts. really needed unwither.

  17. sharon


  18. ghada


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