Winter Animal Breeding Pen:

Winter Pen

All Farmville winter animals collection.These all animals go inside the Winter Animal Breeding Pen.

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Farmville Winter Animal Breeding Pen Common Animals.

Penguin Glitter Penguin Spotted Penguin Shivering Pig Tangled Sheep Snow Chicken
Kitten With Mittens Reindeer Cupid Reindeer White Holiday Reindeer Fat Scarf Squirrel Snow Leopard
Greater Scaup Duck Winter Party Squirrel Sika Stag Holiday Turkey White Woolly Mammoth Arctic Owl
White Nurse Doe Saber-Toothed Squirrel White Sabertooth Tiger

Winter Pen

Winter Animal Breeding Pen ExclusiveCommon Animals.


White Doe Ice Pig Spotted Quoll Dalmation Alaska Malamute Snowy Egret
Sweater Chipmunk Plush Pig Plush Rabbit Discover Yeti Baaston Terrier Holiday St. Bernard
Holiday Cat Snow Flake Pig Snowshoe Rabbit Arctic Peacock Winter Fox Green Sweater Terrier
Norweign Forest Cat Clumsy Reindeer Ice Sheep Plush Sheep Elf Leopard Spotted Turtle
Aurora Cat Mistletoe Penguin Mini Emperor Penguin Penguin Personal Shopper Le Emperor Penguin Mini Snare Penguin
Black Caribou Black Mountain Goat Holiday Lights Goat Plush Goat Mini Chinstrap Penguin Elf Penguin
Kermode Bear Holiday Ermine Arctic Fox Mini Arctic Fox Caroling Penguin Ice Sculpting Duck
Candy Cane Chicken Skiing Chicken Santa Duck Ski Duck Snowboarding Duck Shivering Duck
Plush Chicken          

Winter Pen

Winter Animal Breeding Pen Rare Animals.

Sasquatch Arctic Rabbit White Wolverine Bow Wolf Arctic Seal Polar Hare
Fiordland Penguin Emperor Penguin Discover Penguin Arctic Partridge Moose Bull Canada Lynx
Lemmings Christmas Goose Winter Goat Mountain Goat Alpine Ibex Chamois Goat
Manul Chow Chow Golden Elk Silver Fox Alpine Goat Alpine Dairy Goat
Holiday Fairy Cat Alpaca Arctic Hare Puffin Reindeer Pig Sweater Penguin
Penguin Inspector Magellanic Penguin        


Winter Pen

Winter Animal Breeding Pen ExclusiveRare Animals.

 Takin  Walrus  Giant Frozen Swan  Frozen Swan  Giant New Year Squirrel  New Year Squirrel
 Nutcracker Sheep  Ornament Sheep  Rainbow Sheep  Red Nose Sheep  Snow Pile Sheep  Sweater Sheep
 Ornament Reindeer  White Reindeer  Saiga  Dall Sheep  Frosty Fairy Sheep  Ice Cube Sheep
 Golden Bell Reindeer  Sweater Duck  Ice Skate Duck  New Year Duck  Reindeer Duck  Romeo Duck
 Eider Duck  Brazilian Merganser  Elder King  Frosty Fairy Duck  Frozen Duck  Giant Frozen Duck
 Crystal Chicken  Cupid Chicken  Marshmallow Chicken  New Year Chicken  Snowflake Chicken  Wreath Chicken
 Reindeer Cat  Frosted Fairy Cat  Caribou  Two-Toned Cap Blackbear  Sun Bear  Summer Polar Bear
 Santa Cat  Siberian Cat  Holiday Beagle  Holiday Corgi  Mountain Dog  New Year Dog
 Frosted Fairy Deer  Irish Elk  White Buck  Frosted Fairy Dragon  Silver Dragon  Snowflake Dragon
 Rainbow Elephant  Elf Sheep  Elk  Mongolian Gazelle  Pierre the Giraffe  Disco Goat
 Ski Goose  Snowflake Goat  Rainbow Goat  Mistletoe Goat  Mini Elf Goat  Elf Goat
 Snow Goose  Icy Blue Griffin  White Husky  Jackalope  White Jackalope  Snowboarder Kangaroo
 Winter Polar Bear  Wolverine  Holiday Mammoth  Woolly Mammoth  Ethiopian Wolf  Ice Walrus
 Elf Polar Bear  Rainbow Pig  Elf Pig  Big Blue Dragonfly Pig  Blue Dragonfly Pig  Golden Pheasant
 New Year Panda  Florida Panther  Party Peacock  Emperor Penguins  Little Blue Penguin  Yellow-Eyed Penguin
 Elf Lemur  Male Lion  Sweater Llama  Moose  Eastern Moose  Musk Ox
 Ushanka Polar Bear  Candy Cane Dog  Big Candy Cane Dog  Candy Cane Rabbit  Frosted Fairy Rabbit  Giant Frosted Fairy Rabbit

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