Wildlife Habitat Animals Breeding Pen:


All Farmville Wildlife Habitat Breeding Pen animals collection.These all animals go inside the Wildlife Habitat Animals Breeding Pen.

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Wildlife Habitat Breeding Pen: Common Animals


Green Frog Peeper Frog Opossum Striped Possum White Opossum Pine Marten
Porcupine North American Porcupine Puckered Porcupine Reindeer Cupid Reindeer White Holiday Reindeer
Saber-Toothed Squirrel Winter Party Squirrel Grey Squirrel Brown Squirrel Brown Squirrel Silverback Skunk
Sika Stag Green Sea Turtle Tibetan Wolf Woodchuck White-tailed Buck White Nurse Doe
Fairy Pink Armadillo Raccoon Deer Buck Gray Chipmunk Buck

 Wildlife Habitat Breeding Pen: ExclusiveCommon Animals

Black Dire Wolf Orange Granny Wolf Clever Coyote Purple Woodchuck Winter Fox Munchin” Marten
Jackal Hog Mountain Goat Mini Arctic Fox Arctic Fox Holiday Ermine
Jump Rope Squirrel Fox Squirrel Flying Squirrel Dwarf Flying Squirrel Dragon Squirrel Spotted Skunk
Mister Moose Spotted Quoll Clumsy Reindeer American Pika Sea Lion Reverse Skunk
Trick Racoon Amarillo Armadillo Kermode Bear American Bison Flower Antler Buck Black Caribou
Chameleon Trumpet Player Chipmunk Key Deer Mother Doe White Doe Ermine Stoat

 Wildlife Habitat Breeding Pen: ExclusiveRare Animals


Ruby Red Direwolf Purple Jade Panther Grolar Bear Winter Polar Bear Mole Wolverine
 Armadillo  Nightmare Bear  Bass Bear  American Black Bear  Asian Black Bear  Broken Heart Bear
 Holiday Bear  Juliet Bear  Romeo Bear  Safari Bear  Spa Bear  Unicycle Bear
 Bobcat  Bison  Beach Bum Beaver  Beaver  Valentine Bear  Two-Toned Cap Blackbear
 Piggyback Bear  Cool Bear  Frosted Fairy Bear  Ben Franklin Bear  Drumming Bear  Romeo Cub
 Vampire Bat  Fruit Bat  Black Squirrel  Mexican Wolf  Giant Mexican Wolf  American Badger
 Butterfly Bear  Misty Lady Bug  Glow Wolf  Squirrel Mage  Outdoor Moose  Giant Outdoor Moose
 Elk  Blue Elk  Woodland Fox  White Ermine  Hula Ferret  Flower Fox
 White Jackalope  Jaguarundi  Lynx  Margay  Mrs Mink  Moose
 Moon Stag  Springbok  New Year Squirrel  Giant New Year Squirrel  Turtle Shark  Weasel
 Space Chipmunk  Painted Coyote  Granny Wolf  Giant Wolf  Panther  Werewolf
 Dall Sheep  White Reindeer  Giant Tinsel Reindeer  Tinsel Reindeer  Ornament Reindeer  Golden Bell Reindeer
 Mountain Lion  Musk Ox  Florida Panther  Ushanka Polar Bear Western Prairie Dog  Red Brocket
 Jackalope  Ground Hog  Purple Frog  Weretoad  Spy Fox  White Buck
 Musk Deer  Red Deer  Roe Deer  Sambar Deer  Steam Deer  Wilma Deer
 Mule Deer  Irish Elk  Frosted Fairy Deer  Fairy Deer  Candlestick Deer  Blacktailed Deer
 Bobcat Bat  Silver Buck  Buffalo  Caribou  Chipmunk N Nuts   

 Wildlife Habitat Breeding Pen: Rare Animals


White Wolverine Black Wolverine Grey Wolf Dire Wolf Bow Wolf Horned Toad
Pink Skunk Skunk Arctic Seal Prairie Dog White Porcupine River Otter
Black-Footed Golden Elk Doe >Sonoran Pronghorn Sika Deer Asian Black Bear
Spotted Pink Skunk Purple Skunk Amur Badger Grizzly Bear Chipmunk Clouded Leopard
Mountain Goat Gila Monster Red Dart Frog Blue Arrow Frog Silver Fox Kit Fox
Jackrabbit Canada Lynx Marmot American Mink Moose Bull Mouselope
White Squirrel Red Squirrel Leprechaun Squirrel Carnival Squirrel    

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