Info And Guide About Extinct Animal Zoo:

Hey Fans! Farmville decide to release Extinct Animal Zoo.Now you can craft more new animals from Extinct Animal Zoo Pen.

Chek below diffrent Extinct Animal Zoo stages.

You need following material to build Extinct Animal Zoo Pen.Chek below.


Meteorite x10 Food Chain x10 Broken Thermometer x10

Chek below list of all items.That will help u to craft new items…


Extinct Creature


Gray Fossil

Amber Fossil

Black Fossil

Red Fossil

Wood Fossil


You need to collect 9 Gray Fossil to craft Cave Bear.
You need to collect 10 Gray Fossil to craft Wooly Rhino.
You need to collect 9 Gray Fossil to craft Punk Horned Gopher.
You need to collect 11 Gray Fossil & 6 Amber Fossil to craft Giant Pink Wombat.
You need to collect 12 Gray Fossil , 6 Amber Fossil & 4 Black Fossil to craft Party Tarpan Foal.
You need to collect 12 Gray Fossil , 8 Amber Fossil & 6 Black Fossil to craft Scuba Saudi Gazelle.
You need to collect 13 Gray Fossil , 10 Amber Fossil & 8 Black Fossil to craft Crystal Pyrenean Ibex.
You need to collect 14 Gray Fossil , 11 Amber Fossil , 10 Black Fossil & 5 Red Fossil to craft Spectacled Cormorant.
You need to collect 15 Gray Fossil , 12 Amber Fossil , 10 Black Fossil , 8 Red Fossil & 5 Wood Fossil to craft Rainbow Terror Bird.
You need to collect 16 Gray Fossil , 13 Amber Fossil , 12 Black Fossil , 10 Red Fossil & 10 Wood Fossil to craft Giant Purple Armadillo.


132 x Gray Fossil , 70 x Amber Fossil , 50 x Black Fossil , 23 x Red Fossil , 15 x Wood Fossil

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