Farmville Vehicles: Seeders,Harvesters,Combines,Tractors


We share all farmville vehicles detail with our Fans!

There is many diffrent type of vehicles, Harvestor, Seeders, Tractors, Combines, Flights.These all vehicles make farming easy and faster.These vehicles safe lot of time.We must need bundle of fuel to use these vehicles.Chek below all vehicles Information..Let us know if u find any vehicle is missing in this collection….



Harvester Lucky Harvester Hot Rod Harvester Apple Red Harvester Purple Harvester Mistletoe Harvester
Hawaiian Harvester Icy Harvester Jade Falls Harvester Deluxe Jade Harvester Jade Falls Harvester Water Harvester
H2O Harvester Spooky Harvester



Seeder Lucky Seeder Hot Rod Seeder Apple Red Seeder Sweet Seeder Purple Seeder
Icy Seeder Hawaiian Seeder Mistletoe Seeder Spooky Seeder Jade Falls Seeder Deluxe Jade Seeder
Jade Falls Seeder Water Seeder H2O Seeder




6×6 Blue Combine 7×7 Green Combine 8×8 Orange Combine Lucky Combine Combine Platinum Combine
 Hot Rod Combine  Pink Combine  Red Combine  Bedazzled Combine  Mistletoe Combine  Hawaii Combine
 Combine  Icy Combine  Spooky Combine  Mini Van Combine  Deluxe Jade Combine  Jade Falls Combine
 Water Combine  H2O Combine




Astrotractor Pink Tractor Bright Yellow Tractor Tractor Hot Rod Tractor Lucky Tractor
 Mistletoe Tractor  Icy Tractor  Winter Tractor  Bedazzled Tractor  Antique Tractor  Purple Tractor
 Yellow Racer Tractor  Spooky Tractor  Hawaiian Tractor  Deluxe Jade Tractor  Jade Falls Tractor  Jade Falls Tractor
 Water Tractor  H2O Tractor  School Bus Plow  Double-Deck Tractor




AVG Biplane English Plane Chrome Monoplane UFO Biplane
AVG Biplane English Plane Chrome Monoplane UFO Biplane

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