Farmville Mistletoe Lane Quest 3

Expected duration of the quests is from 19th November, 2012 to 26th November, 2012

Note: These quest are specialy for Mistletoe Lane farm.There is no  guaranteed about unreleased quests information.Don’t place any quest item on other farm if image not showing..zynga can be change requirement any time before Released.

Note:These quests are repeatable..Please read full post and share this quest with friends if u find this post helpful…


Quest Info

Quest Icon

Dusting Off

Item to Ask


Quest 1

1. Get 6 Holly Whistles

2. Harvest 20 Winter Grain (23 Hrs)

3. Complete 1 Holiday Orchard On Mistletoe Lane

Holly WhistleHolly Whistles

Spotted WolverineSpotted Wolverine


Quest Icon

Raise the Roof

Item to Ask


Quest 2

1. Get 8 Poinsettia Pots

2. Harvest 30 Cider Apple (15 Hrs 54 Min)

3. Harvest Spotted Wolverine 2 Times

Poinsettia PotPoinsettia Pot

Campout CottageCampout Cottage

Quest Icon

Holly Cow!

Item to Ask


Quest 3

1. Get 8 Holly Buckets

2. Harvest 40 Winter Squash (46 Hrs)

3. Complete 1 Animal Workshop

Holly BucketHolly Bucket

Holly CowHolly Cow


Quest Icon

Funding Festivities

Item to Ask


Quest 4

1. Get 8 Gem Detectors

2. Harvest 50 Potatornament (11 Hrs 54 Min)

3. Make Holiday Pudding 1 Time

Gem DetectorGem Detector

Mine ShaftMine Shaft


Quest Icon

Petaled Presentation

Item to Ask


Quest 5

1. Get 9 Flower Lantern Seed

2. Harvest 60 Wax Beans (15 Hrs 54 Min)

3. Master Spotted Wolverine to 1-Star (24 Harvests*)

Flower Lantern SeedFlower Lantern Seed

Poinsettia Lantern TreePoinsettia Lantern Tree


Quest Icon

Sealing The Deal

Item to Ask


Quest 6

1. Get 10 Bell Bundles

2. Harvest 70 Winter Grain (23 Hrs)

3. Make Apple Cider 1 Time

Bell BundleBell Bundle

Silverbell SealSilverbell Seal



Following Bushel Is Required To Finish This Quest.

Winter Squash – 1, Cider Apple – 4, Coffee – 2, Holiday Poinsettia – 1, Rye – 2

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