Farmville Cider Brewing Quest Guide:

Cider Brewing Quest

Expected duration of the quests is from 15th November 2012, to 29th November, 2012

Note: Cider Brewing Quest can be carried out on all Farms….There is no  guaranteed about unreleased quests information.zynga can be change requirement before Quest released….

These quests are repeatable..Please read full post and share this quest with friends if u find this post helpful…

Quests Info

Quest Icon

No Bad Apples

Item to Ask


Cider Brewing Quest 1

1. Get 6 Kingston Black Apples

2. Harvest 50 Peppers (1 Day)

3. Harvest Dragon Lair 2 Times

Kingston Black AppleKingston Black Apple

Cider GnomeCider Gnome



Quest Icon

Chipping Away

Item to Ask


Cider Brewing Quest 2

1. Get 7 Apple Chippers

2. Harvest 75 Pumpkins (8 Hrs)

3. Craft an Arborist

Apple ChipperApple Chipper

Reward3 Pack of Turbos


Quest Icon

Press It. Press It Good.

Item to Ask


Cider Brewing Quest 3

1. Get 8 Apple Presses

2. Harvest 100 Cranberries (10 Hrs)

3. Craft a Farmhand

Apple PressesApple Presses

RewardCider Station



Quest Icon

Juicy Joe

Item to Ask


Cider Brewing Quest 4

1. Get 9 Storage Jugs

2. Harvest 125 Chickpeas (20 Hrs)

3. Harvest Bunny Hutch Twice

Storage JugStorage Jug

RewardBook of XP



Quest Icon

Spice Is Nice

Item to Ask


Cider Brewing Quest 5

1. Get 9 Cinnamon

2. Harvest 150 Peppers (1 Day)

3. Craft a Fertilize All


RewardCinnamon Bear



Quest Icon

Brown Sugar!

Item to Ask


Cider Brewing Quest 6

1. Get 9 Brown Sugar

2. Harvest 150 Sunflowers (1 Day)

3. Harvest Cinnamon Bear Twice

Brown SugarBrown Sugar

RewardCider Cow



Quest Icon

Honey, I Sweetened the Cider

Item to Ask


Cider Brewing Quest 7

1. Get 10 Honey Jars

2. Harvest 150 Grapes (1 Day)

3. Harvest Cider Cow Twice

Honey JarsHoney Jars

RewardCider Horse



Quest Icon

Bottle It Up

Item to Ask


Cider Brewing Quest 8

1. Get 11 Cider Bottles

2. Harvest 150 Peas (1 Day)

3. Master Cinnamon Bear to 1 Star (5 Harvests)

Cider BottlesCider Bottles

RewardBook of XP



Quest Icon

Better With Friends

Item to Ask


Cider Brewing Quest 9

1. Get 12 Friends to Share With

2. Harvest 200 Pineapple (2 Days)

3. Master Cider Cow 1 Star (5 Harvests)

Friends to Share WithFriends to Share With

RewardCider Unicorn

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